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Choose Your Local Cosmetic Dentist

The Best Ways to Choose Your Local Cosmetic Dentist

Posted on:  6th Jul 2016

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist is vital to ensure that the results that you want are the results that you get.

Knowing the Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry

Finding the right dentist for a makeover of your smile is essential.  It is worth knowing that cosmetic dentistry is not officially recognised as a specialty within dentistry so anyone can call himself or herself a ‘cosmetic dentist.’  While it is true that every dentist is taught how to do the various procedures that make up cosmetic dentistry, reaching a highly expert level of cosmetic dentistry will require a lot of extra study and training, and that can take many years.

Ask For Referrals

If you know of anyone who has had cosmetic dentistry carried out then ask for a recommendation. That is especially true if you have seen what they have had done and you are impressed! You can also visit the dentist’s website and have a look at any before and after photos that they have there. You could also ask your own general dentist if he or she has any recommendations.

Check Out Their Work

Like all of us when we do a good job, a good cosmetic dental surgeon will be very proud of the good work they do and will be happy to show you the results of their treatment. As well as the before and after photos on line you may also be able to see an album at their office.

Check Out Their Credentials

Even if the dentist you go to has been recommended and you have seen before and after photos, it is sadly the case that these can be faked.  Ask to see qualification certificates.  You should be able to check a certain amount of information on line about where they completed their dentistry training, what further education they have had and what professional organizations they are members of.

Communicate What You Want

Make sure before you go that you know what you want, precisely.  Your dentist will let you know what is and is not possible but having a clear idea of the end result that you are looking for is essential.  It will be your dentists responsibility to educate you on what is and is not possible so that you can make an informed decision about what would be best for you and your goals for your smile.  

Selecting a cosmetic dentist to create your great new smile should be made after assessment of:

  • The dentist's ability
  • Their years of experience
  • Their previous work
  • Their personality
  • Their philosophy of care
  • Training in cosmetic dentistry

Look at as many before-and-after examples as you can to verify that he or she is the right cosmetic surgeon for you and that you like the look of the work they have done on other patients. And you should always remember that cosmetic dentistry requires significant financial investment because a highly trained professional is creating a work of art, for you that will be visible every time you smile, for many years to come!

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